Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Story of Orabrush/short doc

On Wednesday we filmed a short documentary on how YouTube has made the company Orabrush successful. I have been filming all of the viral videos for the company since they have tried viral marketing, and it has proven to be very successful.

Here's the video...

For this project it was Jeff Harmons idea to do the video because it was also YouTube's 5 year anniversary. So what we did was we interviewed the founder of Orabrush, and Austin Craig who is the spokesman for all of the YouTube viral ads.

For this doc I filmed, edited, and directed it. It was a super low crew, and we had to have the video done in just a couple days so it could go up online Saturday morning.

It's been awesome to see where Orabrush has come so far, our first video we made 8 months ago has over 11 million hits now, and it rises greatly each day. We would never have imagined where it would go, and continue to go from that first video.

We filmed it all on a Canon 5D Mark ii, which was my first time actually shooting on the camera, and I'm very impressed with how it handles things, especially low light. You must know the limitations of the camera though, and nothing hand held looks good at all because of what is called the rolling shutter, or the jello effect. Only digital SLR cameras have these problems currently, at least where its very noticeable.

Also, we used ALL natural lighting, with no crew. I used
mostly my Nikon 70-200, at a 2.8/f, a Nikon 50mm, and a Canon
28-135mm 3.5f, and a Zeiss 35mm at a 2.0f.The ISO I used was
anywhere between 100 and 1600, without any notice of grain/noise.
All the sound was recorded onto a H4n, through a shotgun mic. I
synced it manually.